Patient-Centered Medicine (PCM)

Patient-Centered Medicine (PCM) is a course that covers numerous topics central to the practice of medicine including caring for diverse patient populations, humanism, professionalism, ethics, health disparities, patient safety, quality improvement, interdisciplinary teamwork, community/population health, health systems science, and health policy.


In the first year of PCM, you are introduced to components of history taking and physical examination skills, and you gain early clinical exposure through several continuity off-sites with a physician preceptor as well as interprofessional observerships and other community agency visits.


In your second year, you will have more extensive clinical experiences in different health care settings and begin to master your skills in history taking, physical examination, clinical reasoning, and knowledge of pathophysiology in evaluating patients. 

PCM has always historically been an evolving course, adapting to current events and incorporating feedback from students and faculty. This year, in light of COVID-19, the course will continue to maintain this flexibility to explore ways to resume the PCM curriculum while still ensuring the safety and health of all.  This may include exploring virtual service opportunities, shifting the timeline for clinical skill practice, etc.


To get in the medical school spirit and prepare for class discussions, all incoming students have a few summer assignments! Please see below for the links to the summer assignment, instructions for how to complete IHI modules, course objectives, and a letter regarding medical equipment. 

For AccessMed Students:

  • AccessMed students also need to complete the Summer Assignment including the Readings, Graphic Novel/Film, Summer Essay and IHI Modules. 

  • Class of 2025 Students who did the Transition year AccessMed last year still need to do another Summer Assignment including the Readings, Graphic Novel/Film and Summer Essay but do NOT need to repeat IHI Modules.   We already have a copy of your IHI Module Completion certificate from last year.