Housing Information


Hello Class of 2025, and welcome to the neighborhood!


To help facilitate the housing process, the Orientation Team will be hosting its first online Housing Day on June 6th at 2:00 PM. This housing day will consist of an informational session on housing, New Brunswick, Piscataway, and the overall Rutgers community, and a Q&A session. The second Housing Day will be in-person on June 13 at 2 PM, location TBD. We anticipate landlords being present at the in-person housing day, so you will be able to meet and discuss apartment availabilities. 

We would like to gauge the needs of our incoming students. If you are interested in living with other students from RWJMS, please fill out this roommate survey ASAP!


Use the following link to see responses so you can start to get in touch with potential roommates. This spreadsheet should update realtime, so be sure to refresh and see who else has filled out the form.

Until then, please use this page to start getting familiar with the area around the medical school. Below, we have listed out where the some students at RWJMS reside. The bottom of this page also describes these towns in a little bit more detail. To learn more about other points of interest surrounding Piscataway, you can refer to the interactive RWJMS Area Map below. This map can show you where all of the key medical school and hospital buildings are located. Additionally, we've included the locations of nearby grocery stores, banks, gyms/parks, coffee shops, and other restaurants/bars that RWJMS students frequently use. As always, feel reach to reach out to the Orientation Team and Housing Coordinators if you have any additional questions.

If you are an incoming student and would like to be added to the roommate/housing search, please check the 'RWJMS Class of 2025!' Facebook page or contact the Orientation Team at RWJMSOrientationTeam@gmail.com.


If you are a landlord and would like to post a housing listing for your property, please contact the Housing Coordinators at RWJMSOrientationTeam@gmail.com.

You will find housing!!!! If you want to take more time to meet roommates or see other properties, that is perfectly fine. If you come in with a calm attitude and an ~open heart & mind~ the whole process will be much nicer and less stressful.

For your convenience, we’ve compiled some testimonials from current students about their housing situations.

Where does the class of 2022 live?

~63% live in Piscataway, the town that's home to RWJMS

~8% live in Highland Park, a small town near New Brunswick

~14% live in New Brunswick, where RWJ hospital is located

~12% live in Somerset, one town over from New Brunswick

~3% Commute from home or live in another township


If you have questions and/or can't make it to the housing days, please contact the orientation team. We can answer your questions and/or set you up with someone that experienced the living situation you are inferring about. 

Description of Local Towns


Piscataway is home to Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, which is located adjacent to Rutgers University – Busch Campus, HighPoint Solutions Stadium (home to Rutgers’ Football team), and Johnson Park. This small, quiet town is central to the neighboring towns of Edison, New Brunswick, South Bound Brook, and Somerset (Franklin Township) and so offers convenient access to them. Society Hill, located just a few miles from RWJMS, is one of Piscataway’s most well-known communities especially among local undergraduate and graduate students. The town and its safe neighborhoods are ideal for focused students and, if you ever tire of the quiet, head on over to down-town New Brunswick for a more city-like feel. 


New Brunswick

New Brunswick neighbors the town of Piscataway and is home to Rutgers University. Being that it’s a large college town (Rutgers-New Brunswick campuses boast a total population of over 40,000 students), New Brunswick has strived to provide a very student-friendly environment that caters to the needs of students and student life. Some of these features include easy access to public transportation (buses and trains including a short train ride into New York City from NB train Station), many campus libraries accessible to all students, Barnes & Noble, a wide array of restaurants specializing in a variety of cuisines, recreation including Rutgers Gardens, Rutgers Cinema (movie theatre on Livingston Campus), and fitness centers. 


Franklin Township (Somerset, NJ):

Franklin Township is conveniently located just outside of New Brunswick and so while offering a calm and quiet environment itself, it also shares many of the same student-friendly features in the lively and energetic “city-like” environment of New Brunswick discussed above. Franklin Township is home to many outdoor attractions including Colonial Park, William L. Hutcheson Memorial Forest, and Ten Mile Run Greenway. *Fun fact: In 2008, Franklin Township ranked #5 on Money magazine's list of America's Top 100 Best Places to Live. 


Highland Park:

Highland Park borders Edison, New Brunswick, and Piscataway. The town is easy to reach with quick access from the NJ Turnpike, Route 1 and Route 18. It is conveniently located near both the Iselin-Metro Park and New Brunswick train stations. Shopping and entertainment destinations include Menlo Park Mall, AMC theaters, and Downtown Highland Park restaurants and shops. Residents have access to the Highland Park Public Library as well as the four Rutgers University campuses. Highland Park is best described as a small, quiet town where parking is always free. Some in-town apartment communities include Highland Montgomery Apartments, Cedar Arms, Treetop Apartments, and Donaldson Park Apartments. Further, Highland Park offers very convenient access to Rutgers University and the many shops and eateries of Raritan and Stelton Avenues.