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Important Requirements 

Make sure you read this entire page carefully. It contains many mandatory items you need to accomplish before Orientation begins July 18.

Activate your Rutgers Account (ASAP)

All RWJMS students need create an account with Rutgers University, even if you were previously an RU student from a different program. Each student has two key identifiers: a NetID and a Student ID #. You will need these to apply for financial aid and access resources like the portal, email and Physicianship Summer Assignment.


Every student was given an identification number ("A" number), which will be your primary identifier at the University. You should have received this "A" number from Admissions. Alternatively, you can find your "A" number on the Rutgers Portal (this requires an activated NetID to log in).

  • Note: If you do not have your "A" number, please contact RWJMS Admissions at Do not contact the Registrar.

Please activate your computer accounts using the instructions below:

1. Go to the secure site at ‘’ and select ‘NetID Activation’.

This page will prompt you to give:

-Full name

-the last four digits of your “A” number (e.x. A########). Do not use your Social Security Number.

-Date of birth

2. On the next screen, create a password and enter it again to confirm it and click CONTINUE.

3. Select and answer three security questions and click CONTINUE.

4. Pick a Rutgers email address (e.g., Your actual address will depend on which school you are enrolled in. Click USE THIS ADDRESS. This is not your username; it is only an email address.

5. Finally, you will receive your NetID (also known as your ‘username’). Record and remember this – you will use it to log on to the various services.

What if I am having a problem accessing my NetID? 

Please contact RWJMS Admissions at Do not contact the Registrar. Sometimes there are technical issues that require some patience and extra steps, it is ok! You will still be able to complete your Summer Assignments and try your best to complete the other requirements to the best of your ability while waiting for a solution.


You will be prompted to create a Duo Mobile account to set up a Two-Step Log in when you use your NetID. Instructions to Step up Duo Two-Step Verification can be found here.


Once you activated your NetID, you will also receive access to an Outlook Email account ( which will be the primary point of contact during your time at medical school. 

How to access the Outlook Email on a web browser (i.e. Google Chrome, Safari)

1. Go to and click "Sign In"

2. Type in your email using the format:

3. You will prompted to sign in using your NetID and Password via the Rutgers Log In platform. Verify with Duo Mobile Two-Factor Security.

4. Email homepage should be displayed. Return to Outlook to check emails as needed!


NOTE: This email will not be used to contact you BEFORE Orientation, so please continue to check the email you provided to Admissions for updates. You will receive more guidance about how to set up the Outlook App on your iPad and mobile devices during Orientation, since it requires more security steps. Do not attempt to open email via the Outlook App for now, please only use the web browser.

Student ID Photo Card (June 10)

After activating your NetID and Rutgers email address, you need to upload a RWJMS photo ID card in two locations. This is due by June 10th to ensure you will receive your ID card during orientation week.  

1. Take a photo following the Rutgers Photo Criteria

2. IMPORTANT: All photos must be named in the following way: FirstName_LastName_NetID (must be .jpeg or .png. file)

3. Upload your Photo ID to Rutgers IT Website

4. Upload your Photo ID to RWJMS OneDrive

You will receive an email from Rutgers IT once your photo is approved. Please refer to the Photo Criteria (copied below) if you have any questions about an appropriate photo to use. 



Student Intake Form (June 10 at 12:00 pm)

Please complete ALL Sections of the Mandatory Student Intake Form by June 10th at 12:00 pm. The form will take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete and must be completed ASAP to ensure we can prepare for Orientation and order your White Coats in time for the Ceremony.

Health Forms and Insurance (July 1)

After activating your NetID, go to to submit your Mandatory Health Forms. Select "Rutgers, The State of New Jersey" as your affiliated location. Detailed instructions for submitting Health Forms were sent via email and can also be found here.


Check you immunization status and schedule necessary appointments ASAP. Some of the required vaccines must be taken in multiple doses, so begin your immunizations immediately if you have not yet started. Concerning PPD testing, your private physician should administer and read the first PPD. You will be given the second part (administration and reading) of the PPD by the Student Health Service during Orientation Week. ​


Additionally, insurance is required for all students. Your Fall term bill will include a fee for the University-sponsored health insurance. You will be able to waive this fee with proof of insurance in the fall. At this time, you cannot prevent the student health insurance from appearing on your term bill. Please continue to check your email for upcoming information about waiving insurance. The waiver is not yet available at this time.


For any questions related to health forms and Student Health:

  • Email Ms. Jennine Boruta at or call (732) 235-5160 

  • Student Health will also be available in-person during Orientation Week to address questions/concerns

Background Check (June 24)

You must complete a criminal background check prior to Orientation. Click here to download the CastleBranch Order Instructions or follow these steps to complete the background check:

  1. Go to:

  2. In the upper right hand corner, enter the Package Code: RU42

  3. Follow the instructions on the screen

Your Background Check results will automatically be shared with RWJMS Admissions if you use the code "RU42".

Final Official Transcript (June 24)

You must submit your final official transcript to confirm you have completed all coursework before matriculating. The university registrar can take time, so submit the request soon. For questions call the Office of Admissions at (732) 235-4576.

Send transcripts to the Office of Admissions:


By mail: RWJMS Office of Admissions

            675 Hoes Lane

            Piscataway, NJ 08854-5635

By email:

Parking (before July 18)

It is important that you purchase a parking permit for the school year BEFORE Orientation Week. Register your vehicle online (there will be no physical permits sent out, the system is all online).

1. Visit then click "Rutgers SSO". 

2. To purchase a permit you will need:

  • Vehicle Make and Model 

  • License Plate Number

3. Select: RBHS Commuter Permit


If you have any questions or difficulty, please email

Photo Criteria (From Rutgers IT Website)

  • Recent color photo

  • Plain, white background

  • Bright, even lighting

  • Centered, frontal view of full face – no profile

  • Cropped from just above the top of the head to the collarbone

  • Eyes open and visible (wear prescription glasses if you normally do so)

Unacceptable Photos

  • Hats, sunglasses or other items that obscure your face

  • Glare on glasses, shadow

  • Other visible people or objects in the photo

  • Inappropriate expressions or gestures

  • Professional photos, senior portraits or school photos

  • Photos of photos

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