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Required Medical Equipment

Welcome to the Introduction to Physicianship Course! Among many other things, this is the course where we will be teaching you how to perform physical examinations on your patients. Good quality instruments are key to conducting a good exam so having your personal set will be essential for practicing in class and on your own and when seeing patients in the hospital or clinic.

Here is a list of the medical equipment that we will be teaching you how to use. Physical Exam skills will be taught right from the beginning of the course, so please have all M1 equipment ready for use by July 29, 2022.

Required for First Year (M1):

  • All students will be provided an iPad (included with tuition costs) - iPad Pro 11 inch, 256 GB, Model MHQU3LL/A and Apple Pencil 2nd Generation

  • Stethoscope (Cardiology Grade will make it easier for you to hear)

  • Manual Sphygmomanometer (blood pressure cuff)

  • Watch that displays a second hand (for counting pulse)

      You do not need an expensive watch! Any simple watch with a second hand OR if you already own a digital watch (Apple Watch, FitBit) will do.

Equipment that may be required or strongly recommended next year (M2 year) include:

  • Penlight

  • Visual Acuity Card- Pocket Sized

  • Reflex hammer

  • Otoscope-Ophthalmoscope

  • Extra disposable tips for Otoscope

  • Tuning fork - 128 hz (required)

  • Tuning fork - 512 hz (optional)

  • Nasal speculum (optional)

You will have another opportunity to purchase these items through the AMSA sale during the summer before your M2 Year.


AMSA Equipment Sale: Order by July 1

A RWJMS student organization, AMSA, will be hosting an annual equipment sale for discount pricing and free delivery to campus by July 29. Many students use this sale as an opportunity to see the instruments that they will use. Please feel free to purchase your instruments however you like – there is no obligation or institutional endorsement of this particular instrument sale. 

Click the icons below to review more information about the AMSA Sale! All orders must be placed by July 1st!

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