Student Groups at RWJMS

Confused as to what ORIG, IMIG, HTLF, or PRAXIS stand for? These are some of the many student run organizations and interests groups at RWJMS.

There are many ways to get involved at RWJMS! During your first year, you will have the opportunity to meet and work with many student leaders and faculty members. Student groups often hold lunch/dinner lectures, workshops, and events outside of school, so there is always something interesting happening at RWJMS (plus there's usually free food). Most groups are run by second year students, but you will have the opportunity to get involved as early as your first semester of school. As you focus your interests, you can then take on leadership roles during your second semester. For now, check out some of our student run organizations, below. If you don't see something you're interested in, you can always start a new group.

Our RWJMS Student Handbook will provide you with more information on each group and its full list of officers. The handbook also contains information on starting a new organization, tips from current students, and information on the area.

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Student Government Association


President: Kavita Jain

VP of Student Wellness and CAP: Rachel Patel

VP of Medical Education: Jack Hayes

VP of Surgical Education: Deep Raole

VP of Multicultural Affairs: Lekha Reddy

Treasurer: Sho Yoshitake

The Student Government Association (SGA) oversees all school-sponsored, student events and organizations. Completely student-run, SGA represents the entire Robert Wood Johnson Medical School student body and serves as the students’ voice to the administration. SGA serves as a direct link between students and the faculty, staff, and alumni. SGA also obtains the opinion of the student body regarding issues that come up throughout the year, and organizes town hall meetings to discuss these issues. SGA works closely with all of the student organization leaders in order to foster collaboration among student leaders, thereby creating meaningful large-scale events that meet the needs of the student body. SGA provides financial support to enable these many events. The Student Wellness branch of the College Advising Program is run by the SGA. Student Wellness programming is organized to promote the physical and mental well-being of the student body as well as to promote intra- and inter-class camaraderie.

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Aerospace Medicine Interest Group


President: Vinit Palayekar

The purpose of this group is to coordinate events for students interested in the medical specialty of aerospace medicine and flight surgery. AsMIG is dedicated to raising awareness about this specialty and organizing research and scholarship opportunities for medical students, as well as information relating to clinical experience in this field of medicine. Aerospace Medicine concerns itself with medicine for patients in “unusual environments,” most notably in unique pressure environments. This includes patients who engage in deep-sea diving, pilots, airline personnel, and astronauts, among others. It is largely a preventive medicine and occupational medicine specialty that can be of relevance to the everyday physician as well as the aspiring Air Force flight surgeon or NASA physician-consultant.


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American Medical Association


Presidents: Chaewon Hwang and Ijeoma Unachukwu

The American Medical Association (AMA) is the strongest platform for physicians across the country and thus, its Medical Student Section (AMA-MSS) is one of the most important voices for students in medicine. Through AMA-MSS, students have access to a wide range of opportunities, from community involvement to spearheading initiatives on local, state, and national scales. We sponsor free community blood pressure screenings, health fairs, high school outreach, and more. At the medical school, we host activities to help students learn and have fun -- a Board Review Program, happy hours with other medical programs, and our Annual Charity Auction are just a few of our many events! Outside the medical school, AMA-MSS offers opportunities to work with other students, organizations, and legislative bodies to fight for patient and doctor rights. Students learn to research and draft legislative policy resolutions, and attend Advocacy Days and national conventions to support their work.

American Medical Women's Association


Presidents: Samantha Elfanagely and Patricia Moscicki

The mission of the American Medical Women‘s Association (AMWA) is to improve the personal and professional well-being of its members and to increase the influence of women in all aspects of the medical profession. AMWA strives to accomplish these goals by offering personal support for members through networking, action on health issues, and providing information on career options and development. We offer the Women's Health elective to enhance awareness of women's issues. Our community service committee coordinates volunteer activities to allow AMWA members to develop closer bonds with each other as well as with the community. We also coordinate a week of events to both empower women and raise awareness about violence against women. We would like to encourage all medical students, regardless of gender, to join AMWA, as women's issues affect us all.

Anesthesiology Interest Group (AIG)

Presidents:​ Ashley Vincent and Connor Rademaker

Anesthesiology Interest Group promotes education, communication, advocacy, research, and networking among students and physicians. We allow medical students of all classes to come together and discuss the specialty. We serve as a forum for those who want to explore the specialty to discuss their interests and for all students to share their experiences and ideas for the group. Our organization provides our medical students with information about anesthesia as a specialty, connects them to anesthesia faculty and residents, and organizes more in-depth lectures/workshops on the skills that we should understand and benefit from in any specialty (i.e. intubations, art lines, epidurals, nerve blocks). We also organize shadowing opportunities and research for the students. Look out for our meetings and come join us to learn about the field of Anesthesiology!

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American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI)

Presidents: Abha Kulkarni and Ranjitha Vasa

The American Medical Association (AMA) is the strongest platform for physicians across the country and thus, its Medical Student Section (AMA-MSS) is one of the most important voices for students in medicine. Through AMA-MSS, students have access to a wide range of opportunities, from community involvement to spearheading initiatives on local, state, and national scales. We sponsor free community blood pressure screenings, health fairs, high school outreach, and more. At the medical school, we host activities to help students learn and have fun -- a Board Review Program, happy hours with other medical programs, and our Annual Charity Auction are just a few of our many events! Outside the medical school, AMA-MSS offers opportunities to work with other students, organizations, and legislative bodies to fight for patient and doctor rights. Students learn to research and draft legislative policy resolutions, and attend Advocacy Days and national conventions to support their work.

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American Medical Student Association


Presidents: Kelvin Liao and Keshav Patel 

The American Medical Student Association (AMSA) is the oldest and largest independent association of physicians-in-training in the United States, and is a student-governed, national organization. Our chapter is responsible for bringing a diverse array of resources to the student body of RWJMS, to benefit their medical school experience and enrich them as future physicians. AMSA sponsors the most number of events at RWJMS including some of the biggest and most attended ones such as MEDTalks and the Anatomy Memorial, and the organization encompasses a wide range of interests related to medicine. Subcommittees include: MEDTalks, Anatomy Memorial, Global Health, Health Policy and Equity, Disabilities Awareness, Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), Race, Ethnicity, and Culture in Health (REACH), Gender and Sexuality, Community Outreach, RUSynapse, and Student Wellness.

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Association of Women Surgeons


President: Anna Niroomand

The mission of the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Chapter of the Association of Women Surgeons is to inspire, encourage, and enable aspiring female surgeons to achieve their personal and professional goals. Lectures and panel discussions are held throughout the year for students to discuss topics in surgery, such as academic leadership, research, family planning, and pay and promotion equality. Students are invited to participate in research, mentoring, and shadowing with attending and resident surgeons. As a national organization, there are opportunities to publish and present research across the country and find mentors beyond our health care network.

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Asian Pacific American Medical Students Association


Presidents: Kelly Gao and Emmeline Jia

The RWJMS-APAMSA chapter is dedicated to ensuring cultural competency and sensitivity to the health care needs of Asians and Asian Americans through greater awareness of the unique health concerns that affect Asian populations. We are also committed to combating health disparities by organizing service activities that benefit local Asian communities. We are part of the larger APAMSA regional and national organizations, which provides our members opportunities to network with other Asian and Asian American physicians and medical students.

Building Lasting Anatomical Skills Together (BLAST)

Presidents: Sapna Syal, Brian Le, Denisse Amarilla, Matthew Rexroad, Nicole Fosko, Stephanie Vicari

BLAST is a program that introduces high school students to the anatomical sciences and medicine through presentations by medical students in the anatomy lab. M1s, M2s and M4s share teaching duties as groups of students rotate through the different body systems. Medical students have the opportunity to maintain their anatomy knowledge, improve their teaching skills, and serve their community by guiding high school students through interactions with the cadaver. Sessions occur between January and March and typically last about 2 hours on a Monday or Friday afternoon.

Bioethics Interest Group


Presidents: Michael Simon and Heejin Lim

The Bioethics Interest Group (BIG) serves as an approachable bridge for those students who wish to further their knowledge and competency in ethics and related topics without having to commit to the DIBE. However, BIG events do count toward the lecture/event credits required by the DIBE. The BIG’s mission would be to expand education and training in bioethics through case discussions and a speaker series featuring physicians, ethicists, and other professionals facing ethical dilemmas in their practice. Our goal is for the RWJMS student body to become more compassionate and understanding individuals as they make the transition from medical student to physician.

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Biomedical Entrepreneuriship Network


Presidents: Christine Hill and Richard Polo

The Rutgers Biomedical Entrepreneurship Network (BEN) is an organization that connects interdisciplinary health professionals with the resources necessary to practice entrepreneurial medicine and develop innovative health care solutions. Our mission is to execute on the following three pillars: EDUCATE: To train and inspire Rutgers medical students to become innovators in healthcare through inspirational talks, workshops and experiential learning opportunities. COLLABORATE: To facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration by building a cross-collegiate network at Rutgers that bridges the gap between the medical school, pharmacy school, business school, and other key stakeholders in healthcare innovation. ACCELERATE: To provide members with mentorship, resources, and funding to ideate, build prototypes, and commercialize their social or commercial ventures related to healthcare. To learn more, check out our website at:

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Christian Medical Association


Presidents: Christin Hong and Blessing Ajayi

Christian Medical Association exists as a group for RWJMS students to meet together and discuss our faiths as well as what it looks like played out in our lives. We typically meet twice a month in a casual setting (during lunch) to exchange thoughts and ideas about a particular theme or scripture. We also plan a few events throughout each semester such as game nights, potluck dinners, or bowling. We are not formally associated with the national CMA organization. We welcome anyone and everyone is is interested!

Cancer & Oncology Interest Group


Presidents: Sushuptha (Tina) Balakrishna and Svetlana Bagdasarov

Cancer is a disease that affects almost everyone in one way shape or form. COIG is a group that hopes to unite a community of medical students against this disease creating a community to raise awareness and provide inspiration. COIG also hopes to formulate a platform for specialists and researchers from both the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital and The Cancer Institute of New Jersey to educate the clinicians of tomorrow. Lectures, shadowing opportunities and panel discussions will be organized allowing medical students to develop deeper understandings of cancer and explore the field of oncology.

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Dermatology Interest Group


President: Nicole Yoon

The Dermatology Interest Group is designed for students interested in learning more about dermatology and helping those with skin disorders. This group facilitates the interaction of students with residents and faculty in dermatology through lunchtime lectures and organized shadowing opportunities for students. Lectures address topics such as what a dermatologist does and how to get into a dermatology residency, the pathology and treatment of common skin disorders, and current research trends in dermatology. The club's community outreach program works to teach local students about skincare and skin disorders.

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Emergency Medicine Interest Group


Presidents: Mark Danila and Mike Sunyak

EMIG is a student-run interest group which aims to provide students with numerous opportunities to learn first-hand about the exciting field of Emergency Medicine. Throughout the year, EMIG offers a number of informative and fun lunchtime lectures on topics such as toxicology, how to read an EKG, and bioterrorism, in addition to residency seminars, opportunities for ED physician shadowing and paramedic ride-alongs. EMIG also sponsors a number of exciting, hands-on workshops such as a resuscitation lab and a suturing session, which provide students with the opportunity to learn and practice clinical skills.

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Family Medicine Interest Group


President: Rebecca Berger

Family medicine interest group is a student-run organization designed for students to explore the specialty of family medicine in an informal, educational, and fun setting. Throughout the year FMIG provides many primary care workshops such as blood glucose testing and female reproductive healthcare. FMIG also hosts lunch lectures with current Robert Wood Johnson physicians and resdents to show how family medicine can evolve into different career paths such as sports medicine.

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Health Living Task Force


Leader: Yasmine Elfarra

The Healthy Living Task Force is designed to promote health and wellness on a holistic scale, including healthful eating, and physical and mental wellness. Further, HLTF strives to educate medical students and the community about the importance of healthy living practices. For large group activities, students will have opportunities to learn about healthy living practices including nutritional counseling, meditation, and food sciences through guest lecturers and panel discussions. Small group activities may include events such as cooking demonstrations, mindful eating workshops, free yoga class, and the Healthy Food Cook-off, which will help educate students about various healthy living practices. HLTF actively volunteers at Rutgers Gardens, a local organic garden and through The Healthy Kitchen project, which teaches middle school students the value of eating healthfully while providing them with the skill set to do so

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Homeless and Indigent Population Health Outreach Project


Chief Faculty Adviser: Eric Jahn, MD

Program Coordinator: Susan Giordano

Secretary: Ruby Galvan

HIPHOP is an umbrella organization, comprised of HIPHOP-Community Health Initiative and Promise Clinic, which seeks to meet the pressing health needs of the Greater New Brunswick area. Through this program, students provide community outreach, health promotion, preventive education, and clinical services to indigent and underserved populations. HIPHOP fosters connections between medical students and the local community and makes community service a part of their medical school experience and careers by integrating community service with the medical school curriculum.


HIPHOP Community Health Initiative



Student Coordinator: Cynthia Zheng

Clinic Project Coordinator: Alexis Etheridge

Health Workshops Coordinators: Krysten Mayers and Alexandra Schmidt

Project Outreach Coordinator: Sabrina Alexander and Ngozi Anaemejeh

Research: Eshan Kaul


Non-Credit Elective Managers:

Nathalie Adam for ICCUCE

Sophia Toles for PAIR

Jake Siebert for STATS

Karen Torres Soto for LISTOS 


HIPHOP-CHI currently organizes both year-round programs and one-time opportunities for students to volunteer with and learn about the local community. HIPHOP-CHI’s many initiatives are as follows:


Integration with the Curriculum through:

  • Clinic Project: Allows first year medical students to complete their PCM Clinical Site requirements at indigent clinics

  • Health Workshops: First year medical students are required to present a health workshop at a community site as part of their first year PCM course (e.g. Open Doors, Naomi’s Way, HUB Teen Center)

  • Third Year Family Medicine Clerkship: Allows third year medical students to complete workshops at community sites to fulfill the service requirement of their Family Medicine rotation



  • Affecting Change through Education Program (ACE): Weekly tutoring/mentoring program

  • Project Outreach: Offers short and long term volunteering opportunities throughout the community (e.g. Elijah’s Soup Kitchen, teddy bear check-ups, annual 5K fundraiser)


Training Initiatives:

  • Domestic Violence Initiative: Offers 12-14 hours of domestic violence training through the Rutgers Domestic Violence Services Office for Violence Prevention and Victim Assistance


Non-Credit Electives:

  • Issues in Cultural Competency and the Underserved Community Elective (ICCUCE)

  • Literacy Initiative for Students Teaching Older Spanish Speakers (LISTOS)

  • Patients At/In Risk Elective (PAIR)

  • Students Teaching AIDS To Students Elective (STATS)



HIPHOP Local Interdisciplinary Care Collaberative (LINC)


Faculty Advisor: Dr. Paul Webber

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Eric Jahn

Staff Advisor: Susan Giordano

Student Leaders: Nareena Imam

Community Outreach: Jefferson Ebube and Opeposi Adetunji

Interprofessional Outreach: Deep Raole

Research Committee: Hannah Bava and Rachel Christensen


The Health Extension Action in Local Communities Program is a student run interdisciplinary initiative. We aim to establish community relationships with the underserved neighborhoods in the Greater New Brunswick and Franklin Township area. Our goal is to improve the health of these communities while providing hands-on experiences of an interdisciplinary practice. At our current stage, medical students will be offered the opportunity to work together with students from all over RBHS (Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences), to go out into the community to conduct our Community Needs Assessment. We hope to that this will elucidate the appropriate health care intervention and approach that will best support this community.


HIPHOP Promise Clinic


Faculty Advisor: Dr. Karen Lin

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Eric Jahn

Staff Advisor:  Susan Giordano


Student Directors: Stephanie Oh, Michael Enich, Ila Nimgaonkar, Nupur Gulati, Paul Lavadera

Student Managers: Ruby Zucker, Meghan Hawes, Delaney Scollan

Schedulers: Vaishnavi Warrier, Josh Rowe, Cameron Schmidt

Education Committee Chairs: Bethany Mancuso

Grants/Finance Committee Chairs: Joyce Lu

Laboratory Committee Co-Chairs: Vanessa Cederbaum and Katie Dickson

Pharmacy Committee Chair:  Svetlana Bagdasarov

Community Outreach Committee Chairs: Keshav Patel and Jack Hayes

Communications Committee Chairs:  Neha Wadhavkar and Alejandra Bolanos

Quality Improvement Committee Chair:  Eshan Kaul

Specialty Care Committee Chair: Eileen McAuley


Promise Clinic is a student-run clinic composed of a community of medical students, volunteer physicians, and community partners dedicated to providing quality, patient-centered primary care services. It also aims to educate and empower the clients of Elijah’s Promise Soup Kitchen and the uninsured citizens of New Brunswick, NJ, to live healthier lives. Promise Clinic serves as an environment where medical students and other health professionals can engage in the New Brunswick community through service-learning aimed at teaching the importance of continuity of care, teamwork, advocacy, innovation, and leadership. Promise Clinic students are able to serve both through the roles of student doctor and steering committee member. The Promise Clinic Steering Committee is composed of the following sub-committees: Operations, Education, Grants and Finance, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Community Outreach, Quality Improvement, Communications, and Specialty Care.

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Islamic Medical Association of North America


President: Yasmine Elfarra

RWJ's Muslim Student Organization, which allows students to learn more about the Islamic faith while providing opportunities to put Islamic values such as community service and mentorship into practice

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International (Global) Health Interest Group

(IHIG) or (GHIG)

Presidents: Joyce Lu and Yasmine Elfarra

The International Health Interest Group (IHIG) is designed to raise awareness of international health issues through a close collaboration with the Office of Global Health. IHIG runs an "International Health Elective,” which includes lunch lectures and events over the two semesters with speakers who have worked in different capacities in global health. Topics covered throughout the year will broaden students’ perspectives on different cultures and world medical problems that are not seen in the United States. In addition, IHIG raises funds for charities that contribute to international health relief work and assists students who wish to study abroad during the summer between first and second year or during fourth-year electives with fundraising and information sessions. The IHIG coordinators are also members of the steering committee for the Office of Global Health at the medical school.

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Latino Medical Student Association


President: Seiichi Villalona

LMSA is the local Robert Wood Johnson Medical School chapter of Latino Medical Student Association Northeast (LMSA-NE). Its mission is to recruit Latinos into higher education and health-related areas, educate the public and one another about Latino health issues, and promote awareness about social, political, and economic issues as they relate to Latino health and the Latino population.

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Medical Students for Choice


Presidents: Emmeline Jia and Eshani Dixit

The RWJMS Chapter of Medical Students for Choice is dedicated to ensuring that women receive the full range of reproductive healthcare choices and helping create tomorrow’s abortion providers and pro-choice physicians by supporting medical student advocacy and programming, improving reproductive health curriculum, increasing abortion training opportunities, and promoting the importance of MSFC’s work broadly.

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Neurosurgery Interest Group

Presidents: Svetlana Bagdasarov and Robert Kamil

The Neurosurgery Interest Group offers students the opportunity to hear from speakers involved in the field of Neurosurgery at all levels. This includes attending physicians, residents, and 4th year students in the process of applying into neurosurgery residencies. Getting involved in a niche field like neurosurgery can be a difficult task for a first year student, and this interest group exists to alleviate some of that complexity. NSIG aims to assist students in gaining exposure to the field, and in cultivating the necessary experiences to be competitive applicants in the near future.

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Opthamology Interest Group


President: Richard Polo

The mission of the Ophthalmology interest group is to cultivate student interest and exposure to the field of Ophthalmology. Ophthalmology is the surgical and medical management of all diseases of the eye and orbit.

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Orthopaedics Interest Group


Presidents: Lauren Salgueiro and Daniel Idahosa

The Orthopaedics Interest Group is a student run group organized by selected M1 and M2 representatives. The main focus of the group is to expose first- and second- year medical students to the specialty of Orthopaedic Surgery and to provide guidance to become a competitive orthopaedic surgery residency applicant. Past activities include anatomy reviews, a RWJUH physician-run Step 1 review session, and a speaker series on various orthopaedics sub-specialties. In the coming year, we plan to host clinically relevant workshops for students and promote both shadowing and research opportunities within the Department of Orthopaedics. 

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Peer Mentoring Program

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Sonia Garcia Laumbach & Dr. Daniel J. Mehan Jr.

Co-Directors: Jane Jacobs and Mark Danila

The Peer Mentoring program is a year-long program that begins during orientation to help integrate incoming students into our RWJMS family. All students are placed into groups of 10 to 15 and assigned two peer mentors. These mentors serve as an informational source for students, easing the transition and providing advice on how to tackle the challenges associated with starting medical school.

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Physicians for Human Rights


Presidents: Joel Goldschlag and Opeposi Adetunji

Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) was founded in 1986 by a group of physicians who believed that their status and skills allowed them the unique opportunity to call attention to and investigate human rights violations both domestically and internationally. We discuss topics such as prison healthcare, medical access, and worldwide developments and allow medical students to tackle and engage in discussions about both domestic and international issues. Our chapter was started by rising M4s two years ago and is currently growing into its own. We hope to fill a void in student opportunities by providing a distinct forum for students to discuss and engage in health and human rights issues that affect the greater population.

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Psychiatry Residents Advancing eXposure to Interested Students 


Presidents: Rahul Ramasubramani and Rachel Christensen

PRAXIS is a group run by students and residents that strives to give students an opportunity to learn more about the field of psychiatry while promoting mental health at Robert Wood. The group will host a lecture series with residents, faculty, and other guest speakers to discuss psychiatry and the career paths available, and offers a shadowing program.

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Radiology Interest Group


President: Yesha Parekh

The Radiology Interest Group is designed for students interested in learning more about the fields of radiology and interventional radiology. Students will have the chance to hear from and interact with various attendings and residents through a series of lunch lectures. The lectures will address topics such as: the basics of radiology and different imaging modalities, common procedures in interventional radiology, and research and shadowing opportunities for medical students. Additionally, there will be interactive, simulation events for those interested in interventional radiology.

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RWJMS Literary Society

Presidents: Suraj Nyalakonda and Ranjitha Vasa

The RWJMS Literary Society provides a forum where RWJMS students can share their experiences, ideas, and talent. We produce an annual literary journal: a collection of medically related commentary, criticism, fiction, poetry, art, and humor. Our organization is dedicated to establishing a creative and intellectual community at RWJMS where students can discuss whatever is on their minds, and to bring events of cultural significance to the campus. There is a lot of talent and diversity at our school; we hope to tap into some of this talent and let the RWJMS community celebrate all that our students and faculty have to offer.

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Student Admissions Committee

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Carol Terregino

Student Committee Members: TBD

Student representatives on the Student Admissions Committee participate in discussion and selection of the incoming class with the medical school’s Admissions Committee. Students are selected on the basis of class election and interview components.

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Student Interest Group in Neurology​ 


President: Josh Katz


The Student Interest Group in Neurology (SIGN) provides a forum for the exploration of interests in neurology, neurosurgery, and psychiatry, and promotes interaction among students, faculty, and residents through scholarly and social functions. Students also have the opportunity to complete the non-credit elective in Clinical Neuroscience through a combination of attendance at SIGN events and the fulfillment of an approved program of doctor shadowing, research, or related volunteer work. SIGN is a national student organization affiliated with the American Academy of Neurology (AAN). All student members of SIGN are eligible and encouraged to apply for free membership to the AAN, which offers scholarships for summer research and travel to the AAN conference.

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Student National Medical Association 


President: Nyasia Jones

SNMA is committed to supporting current and future underrepresented minority medical students, addressing the needs of under-served communities, and increasing the number of clinically excellent, culturally competent and socially conscious physicians. We aim do do this through the following goals: - To serve as a credible and accurate source of information relevant to minority issues in the field of medical education. - To encourage and foster the development of minority faculty in order to increase the presence of minority mentors and biomedical researchers in academic health centers. - To evaluate and cultivate the necessary measures to eradicate practices in the field of health profession education that compromise the goal of providing quality education to minorities and women.

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Ultrasound Interest Group


Presidents: Szymon Kutyla and Cynthia Zheng

The Ultrasound Interest Group was formed in the interest of having a multidisciplinary group that would promote the education and use of ultrasound. We hope to explore the use of US across multiple specialties through lectures and hands on experiences. Ultimately we hope to see US education incorporated into our school’s curriculum to better prepare our students to use this great technology.

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Internal Medicine Interest Group


Presidents: Jackie Watkins and Patrick Saulino

The Internal Medicine Interest Group is a student run interest group intended to educate students about careers in Internal Medicine (IM) and promote relationships and communication among student members, IM faculty, and IM residents. The group focuses on promoting an understanding of the role of the Internist as a primary care physician as well as the role of subspecialists in providing care for complex diseases. Events such as researcher and clinician lectures and participation in activities hosted by the local chapter of the American College of Physicians (ACP) provide networking opportunities, potential research placements, and mentors. The interest group provides medical students a better understanding of career options, patient care, and the clinical relevance of first and second year coursework.

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Jewish Medical Student Society


Presidents: Elizabeth Cohen and Jonathan Koptyev

The goal of JMSS is to maintain a sense of Jewish community at RWJMS. JMSS provides programming and support for Jewish medical students at RWJ. Events throughout the year include Chanukah and Passover parties, lunch lectures, and Shabbat dinners, and we will also hold events with other faith-based student groups in order to understand the similarities and differences between groups. While we provide a social outlet for Jewish students, we encourage students of all faiths to participate in JMSS events.

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Medical Mandarin

Advanced Teachers: Jiazhen Li and Vivian Chen
Beginner Teachers: Emmeline Jia and Daniel Golland

The Medical Mandarin Noncredit Elective strives to provide medical students with Mandarin language and cultural competency skills when providing care to Chinese Americans. The noncredit elective involves hour-long classes once a month during lunch as well as community service events throughout the year.

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Mind-Body Medicine Interest Group


President: Nicole Altomare

The Mind-Body Medicine Interest Group (MBMIG) aims to promote a student body understanding of and appreciation for the relationship between mental and physical wellness and disease. We bring in researchers on various topics relating to stress, anxiety, depression, and their physiological correlates. The MBMIG-linked mindfulness meditation elective offers students the opportunity to learn the attentional and self-regulatory skill of mindfulness meditation with an instructor.

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OB/Gyn Interest Group

Presidents: Nicole Fosko and Halle Fitzgerald

The OB/Gyn Interest Group is designed for students who want to learn more about opportunities available in the fields of obstetrics and gynecology. The group helps students gain an understanding of what a career in Ob-Gyn entails by creating a network between students and health care professionals within the field. In addition, the OB/Gyn Interest Group provides a forum for various speakers and promotes advocacy for issues regarding women's health and reproductive care.

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Organ Transplant Interest Group


Presidents: Cassandra Soto & Travis Quinoa

The Organ Transplant Interest Group (OTIG) strives to educate medical students about the career, research opportunities, lifestyle, and future of organ transplantation. This organization will help students learn about the routes to enter the field and the humanitarian facets behind transplantation. Throughout the year we will have a lecture series that will touch on topics that range from donor selection criteria to real patient experiences, as well as provide students the opportunity to shadow surgeons in the procurement and transplant operations.

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Pediatrics Interest Group


President: Talia Schwartz

The Pediatrics Interest Group has an overall goal of exposing students to pediatric medicine. We hope to offer forums for students to learn about pediatric subspecialties, pediatric residencies, ethical issues in pediatric medicine, and interacting with pediatric patients. We also collaborate with other student organizations to organize opportunities for volunteering with the local pediatric population. Through our relationship with the RWJ and St. Peter's pediatric programs, we can offer students shadowing opportunities within a number of specialties. Finally, medical students who participate in the pediatrics interest group are eligible to apply for the Pediatrics Non-Credit Elective.

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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation


Presidents: Harsh Patel and Patrick Saulino

We are an interest group focused on introducing students to the field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. The inter-disciplinary specialty aims to help students explore the sub-specialties in the field and to become comfortable working with individuals with varying ability levels. Sub-specialities include Sports Medicine, Spinal Cord Injury, Pain, Traumatic Brain Injury, Pediatrics, and Prostethics and Orthotics.

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Project Sunshine

Presidents: Bethany Mancuso and Jonathan Nazha

Project Sunshine is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing free educational, recreational, and social programs to children and families living with medical challenges! We run an assortment of fun activities ranging from arts and crafts, sporting events, dance parties and much more! Each Project Sunshine member works with a student at Lakeview Middle School, a facility dedicated towards helping children with cerebral palsy and other cognitive impairments.

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Public Health and Preventative Medicine Interest Group


Presidents: Jackie Wold and Dale Oommen

The Public Health and Preventive Medicine Interest Group aims to educate students at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School about the role of public health in medicine. Events held by the interest group explore topics such as health equity, social determinants of health, epidemiology, environmental and occupational health, and health promotion models. The interest group provides information for students considering careers in public health.

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RWJMS Ambassadors

Executives: Vanessa Cederbaum, Christin Hong, Josh Katz, and Pooja Desai

The RWJMS Ambassadors is a student group that acts as a liaison between the student body and prospective students, guests, and special visitors of the school.  The Ambassadors facilitate interview day for prospective students, delivering presentations and leading tours. Special events, such as Accepted Students Day, heavily rely on participation and planning by the Ambassadors. The Ambassadors have the opportunity to speak to interested and accepted students about what life is like at RWJMS. As spokespersons of the school, the Ambassadors take a tremendous amount of pride in RWJMS and its students, never failing to celebrate their talents, diversity, and unique interests. The Ambassadors strongly believe that the greatest strength of RWJMS is in its students, and the sense of community fostered amongst them. It is the goal of the Ambassadors to share these strengths with future students and visitors.   

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Sexuality and Gender Alliance (SAGA)

Presidents: Cynthia Zheng and Eshani Dixit

SAGA is a group for queer medical students and their allies to organize around LGBTQ issues in medicine, medical school and medical education. Our mission is to educate our peers through events and trainings, provide a community for queer med students and work with the administration to make the school more inclusive.

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Student Curriculum Committee

M2 Representatives: Sapna Syal, Lauren Salgueiro, and Mike DiGaetano

M3 Representatives: Daniel Reyes, Olivia Dahl, and Summer Nestorowicz

M4 Representatives: Anoushka Dua and Peter Trinh


The Student Curriculum Committee (SCC) is a Subcommittee of the Rutgers RWJMS Curriculum Committee. The Curriculum Committee is composed of both elected and appointed faculty whose job is to develop, review and make policy related to the entire 4-year medical school curriculum. The role of the SCC is to bring forth the opinions, perspectives, and suggestions of students. SCC responsibilities include attending monthly meetings of both the SCC and the full Curriculum Committee and sitting on Course Evaluation Subcommittees. SCC members also select 2 Course Representatives for each M1 and M2 course to maintain communication between students in the course and the course director. After every course, both M1 and M2 SCC members lead meetings with all their Course Representatives to gather additional feedback from students. 

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Students Interested in Reseach 


Presidents: Rachel Yan and Eileen Hu


SIR facilitates student entry into research activities by improving student exposure and access to faculty involved in research activities within the RWJMS community. Through its Research Studies Lecture Series, SIR exposes students to current research being conducted at RWJMS to stimulate student interest in research and to provide students with the necessary information to further pursue research activities, such as the RWJMS Summer Research Fellowship. One faculty member is invited to give a research presentation with time for discussion during lunchtime sessions. While the elective targets M1 students, M2 students can also attend. Lectures focus on the crossroads between medicine and research, including both the personal perspective of the presenter in addition to the technical aspects of the presenter‘s research. The lectures and resources provided by SIR ease the transition into fellowship applications and summer research programs.

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The Ultrasounds

Sections leaders: Oppose Adetunji, Cynthia Zheng, Daniel Golland, and Aamod George

The Ultrasounds a cappella group aims to integrate music into the medical community within our school and surrounding areas. With various events throughout the year, we strive to provide opportunities to our classmates for musical and artistic expression, as well as help create the link between music and medicine as we bring our singing out into the community. As an organization that is open to all levels of experience, we foster a collaborative environment for musical growth and development as we work together and learn from one another.

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Valentine Mott Surgical Society


Student Representatives: Rendell Bernabe and Mason Vialonga

The Valentine Mott Surgical Society is an extension of the professional Valentine Mott Surgical Society at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and is open to all students. Valentine Mott’s goal is to provide opportunities for students to explore the exciting fields available in surgery through a longitudinal lecture series and various hands-on surgery skill sessions. The Society sponsors monthly specialty seminars, providing opportunities for students to get to know the faculty and residents at RWJUH. Activities include introduction to OR sessions, M1/M2 laparoscopic sessions, and both physician-run and student-run suture sessions.

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Wilderness Medicine Interest Group 


President: Jeremy Lessing

The Wilderness Medicine Interest Group serves to unite a community of students passionate about nature, the outdoors and the complexities of clinical management outside the four walls of a hospital. WMIG events range from lunch and dinner lectures from trauma and wilderness medicine specialists to wilderness hikes involving emergency scenarios.

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