I. Introduction to Physicianship (due 7/26/21 at 9am)

Welcome to the Introduction to Physicianship Course!

The Physicianship course introduces students to the profession. It will cover professionalism, medical ethics, humanism in medicine, patient-centered care, population health, health disparities, clinical skills, evidence-based medicine, and health systems science.  The course leads off the M1 year and continues with Physicianship Practice and Development sessions over 3 years.  Physicianship Practice and Development sessions will reinforce the basic and clinical sciences presented in the preceding courses and provide clinical experiences related to the content learned to date. 

Summer Assignment

The summer assignment consists of the following 5 components:

A. Read the book "The First Year Experience: Reflections from Students of RWJMS."

B. Read the book "Medical Apartheid: The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans from Colonial Times to the Present"

C. Read at least 1 additional book or graphic novel from the list OR watch at least 1 of the listened films. These books/films are related to Humanism, Health Systems Science, or Health Equity

D. Write a Reflection (Summer Essay)

E. Complete the American Medical Association (AMA) Health System Science (HSS) Modules

Find details for the summer assignment and the full list of books, graphic novels, or films here.

The summer assignment is due before the first class on 7/26/2021 at 9am.

II. Summer Review Material (due 8/30/21)

Review important foundational science concepts that were part of the MCAT. The Foundations in Medical Sciences block will begin right after the Introduction to Physicianship course. Before the start of this block, it is recommended that you review key scientific concepts that will enable you to "hit the ground running" once the block begins. To this end, faculty have prepared a summer review course covering select biochemistry topics that can be accessed through Canvas using your NetID. The link to the materials can be found here.

Within the Canvas site, you will also have access to two Self-Assessment quizzes. It is recommended that you review Modules I and II before completing Self-Assessment 1 and review Modules III and IV before completing Self-Assessment 2.

You are required to complete both Self-Assessment 1 and Self-Assessment 2 before the start of the Foundations in Medical Sciences Block on 8/30/2021. Further details can be found on the course site.

III. CITI Training (due 11/01/21)

Complete the mandatory Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) training.

This online training will prepare you for the in-class session on Ethical Issues in Human Research. In addition, completion of CITI will allow you to partcipate in clinical research while you are a student, and may be require for your Independent Project. Note that you will learn more about your Independent Project during orientation.

Step-by-step registration instructions and a list of the modules you are required to complete are available here. Although the training may take you ~4-6 hours to complete, it does not need to be completed in one sitting. The due date for submitting the CITI certificates is 11/01/2021.