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What to Wear

We pride ourselves on our impeccable fashion and timeless sense of style. Though we do tend to wear a bit more scarlet than the average medical students, we generally try to look professional and put together for every occasion. To help ease this wardrobe transition, we have put together some guidelines so that you can be prepared for the years ahead. As always, if you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to the orientation team at

Business Casual

Suitable business casual attire for designated events during Orientation, Phyisicanship-related activities, and any clinical settings is the following:

  • Slacks, chinos, or dockers

  • Dresses, skirts - hemline no more than 2 inches above the knees

  • Polo shirts with collars

  • Dress shirts, oxford button-down shirts

  • Sweaters and cardigans

  • Dress shoes, loafers

Below are examples of unacceptable "business casual" attire:

  • Jeans, including jean/denim jackets, or other denim clothing

  • Leggings, spandex, or tight-fitting apparel

  • Mini-skirts or dresses - 2 or more inches above the knees

  • Necklines that reveal cleavage

  • Capris, shorts, skorts

  • Halter-neck, strapless, spaghetti strap, tank-top garments

  • Sheer clothing

  • Sweatpants and sweatshirts

  • T-shirts

  • Sneakers

  • Flip flops, bleach sandals, open-toed shoes

  • Headwear (unless as a part of a uniform or religious headwear) 

Students wearing business casual and their peer mentors

Business Attire (in the context of the White Coat Ceremony)

Professional attire that is a step above business casual. This includes:

  • Dress pants with long-sleeved button-down shirts and ties (suit jackets are not necessary as you will be receiving your white coat)

  • Conservative dresses

  • Blouses with dress pants / skirts

  • Close-tied flats or heels

  • Dress shoes

Students wearing business attire.

Casual Attire

Casual can mean many different things for many different people - t-shirts and shorts, sundresses, jeans, whatever! On days labeled as "Casual" during Orientation week, we recommend that you wear whatever you are comfortable in, as you will be doing a lot of activities, moving around, and sitting in lectures. Some activities will be indoors with air conditioning, others will be outdoors! Please keep in mind that you will also be interacting with deans and faculty during these events - although the choice is left up to you, use common sense in determining what is appropriate.

Students wearing casual attire.

What do I wear once school starts?

Most students wear casual around the medical school for studying and lectures. Exceptions include when you are required to wear business casual with your white coat for Intro to Physicianship and clinical events. Special exceptions exist for labs later into the school year, but these will be presented to you as the year progresses.

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